Barium 50 Pink · Extra Low Bow


The Barium 50 Pink field hockey stick with 50% carbon construction delivers a stiffer, more durable feel to meet the needs of intermediate and advanced players. The extra low bow lets you maximize your aerial and 3D skills, while keeping a great hitting power level.

Construction: 50% Carbon, 45% Fiberglass, 3% Kevlar, 2% Aramid
Shape: Takticbow
Balance Point: 390mm
Weight: 530g
Bow Height: 23,8mm
Bow Position: 205mm Extra Low Bow Point

Head Angle: 45° 
Head Length: 118mm
Handle Thickness29mm

Backhand Hitting Armour (blade reinforcement)

Sticky Face (sandy texture to improve control)

AntiQuake Foam
SoftGrip White

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