Barium 100 Green


Prepare for take-off with a stick that makes a storm for it’s drag flicking abilities and greater 3D skills control.

Innovative construction, it’s all stiffness and durability by combining premium quality materials. Balanced shaped geometry is the secret, with an extra low bow that creates the perfect weapon for drag flickers and lovers of air movements, while not compromising your power game.

The Barium 100 Green also adds confidence by introducing the Backhand Hitting Armor and a unique handling feeling with the new buffed FeelGrip.
Tech Details
Shape: V·Tactik
Balance Point: 385mm
Weight: 530g
Bow Height: 24,5mm
Bow Position: 205mm Extra Low Bow Point
Control Groove

97% Carbon
2% Kevlar
1% Aramid

Length 118mm
Sticky Face

29mm Thick
AntiQuake Foam
New FeelGrip

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