Iridium 70 Blue


The aggressive of the family: The Iridium 70 Blue.

Designed to improve drag flicking abilities and 3D skills control. The Iridium 70 Blue has a perfect balance of carbon and glass fiber, it offers great control and power for hitting and slapping. The Iridium 70 Blue also adds confidence by introducing the Backhand Hitting Armor.

If you are an advanced striker player, this is your stick.

Tech Details
Shape: Takticbow
Balance Point: 390mm
Weight: 530g
Bow Height: 23,8mm
Bow Position: 205mm Extra Low Bow Point

70% Carbon
25% Fiberglass
3% Kevlar
2% Aramid

Length 118mm
Sticky Face

29mm Thick
AntiQuake Foam
Balling SoftGrip

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