Iridium 70 Pink · Late Bow


They said that pink was for children... not if you have a massive destruction weapon in your hands. Featuring an all-purpose late bow that accommodates forwards, midfielders, and defenders, the Iridium 70 Pink field hockey stick delivers moderate stiffness and power for players looking to expand their skill set without minimizing control.

Construction: 70% Carbon, 25% Fiberglass, 3% Kevlar, 2% Aramid
Shape: Camberbow
Balance Point: 390mm
Weight: 530g
Bow Height: 24mm
Bow Position: 250mm Late Bow Point

Head Angle: 45° 
Head Length: 118mm
Handle Thickness29mm

Backhand Hitting Armour (blade reinforcement)
Sticky Face (sandy texture to improve control)

AntiQuake Foam
SoftGrip Gray

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