Balling Originals 2nd Edition

It was about time.

We praise design. We work hard to develop the best field hockey gear out there, but we also want you to look stunning with it. We've been taking care of our aesthetics since day one, but once in a while, we all deserve something special, something unique.


Balling Originals Series


The Balling Original Series is back for its second edition, and this time we’ve worked with @purofiorelo —a Brazilian artist making waves in Argentina— to bring art and hockey together. We’ve crafted two unique, one-of-a-kind art, hand-painted, field hockey sticks for you to have.  

Yes, you can have them.

Balling Originals Series by purofiorelo

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To participate go visit our Instagram Profile and find the Balling Originals post, follow the instructions, and cross fingers. 

We have waited long to bring this series back.
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